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Amy Fryt

Owner & Head Coach

Amy came to Greenville in 2015 and immediately fell in love with CrossFit Reaction. A competitive athlete since the age of 5, she thrives on the sport of CrossFit and the constantly varied challenges. Using her extensive gymnastics background and collegiate pole vaulting experience, she helps members build foundational body awareness, an understanding of movement patterns and ultimately working to promote efficiency in exercise.

Amy’s goal as a coach is to help all members recognize their potential and help them achieve it.

Charles Shields

Lead Coach

Charles was a college athlete at Appalachian State University and has fifteen years experience with a focus on team sport athletes.  This experience translates well to CrossFit athletes due to its application to sport and life.  He did CrossFit on his own in the backyard for three years before understanding how important the community aspect is to overall growth as an athlete and a person.

Outside of the gym Charles enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and camping with his wife Emily and two boys.

Haley Jameson

Lead Coach

Haley, a Greenville native, grew up playing sports and excelled as a high school varsity athlete in soccer, basketball, and swimming. She began CrossFit in 2016 at CrossFit Reaction and fell in love with the sport of fitness. She is passionate about the process, the constant challenge, the measurable results, and the community that CrossFit embodies. You can find her pushing clients to pursue their own version of greatness in the gym walls and beyond!

Sarah Kamp

Lead Coach

Sarah started CrossFit in 2013, quickly becoming addicted to the challenging and ever-changing daily workouts. After a few weeks of CrossFit, her running days were long gone and she was hooked.

Growing up heavily involved in team sports, she feeds off the energy of others and truly loves being in the group class setting. The accountability and caring nature of the CrossFit community have been the reason she continues to come back. Her favorite part of CrossFit is that every workout is scalable to all fitness levels, and its core mission is to improve the health and wellness of people through functional movement. Her favorite kind of workouts are the long grinding conditioning work that uses a variety of movements to build that engine— you can find her leading members through our Burn conditioning classes!

Chris Cain

Lead Coach

Chris is always searching for ways to improve, and understands the needs and wants of CrossFIt athletes. As such, he developed Blitz Belts– a weightlifting belt designed specifically for the functional needs of CrossFit workouts.

His passion for the sport and movement extends, and you can always find his enjoyably challenging workouts on Sunday afternoons.

Tanya Stiegler

Lead Coach

Tanya is a spirited coach with a love for fitness that extends beyond the gym. As one of the earliest members of the CrossFit Reaction family, Tanya has helped coached our gym community into true lovers of the sport.

An avid outdoorswoman, her fitness lifestyle goes beyond the barbell and she is always eager for a functional fitness adventure!

Crystal O'Neal

Lead Coach

Crystal started CrossFit with the intent to lose a significant amount of weight and immediately fell in love with the community and for the first time – fitness itself. As a self-proclaimed former couch potato, she recognizes that CrossFit can seem intimidating and strives to make everyone feel comfortable, motivated, and excited to work out.

Crystal knows firsthand that hard work and consistency foster results and she will encourage you to push past your comfort zone and discover the amazing feats your body is capable of.

Carrie McClenaghan

Lead Coach

After graduating from college, Carrie wanted to find something that could satisfy her competitive nature and drive for personal improvement.  A friend invited to her try CrossFit Reaction in June 2012 and she’s been a passionate member ever since!

Carrie’s goal as a coach is for each athlete to receive instruction and guidance that will enable them to grow and develop physically, psychologically and socially.  She wants to help facilitate positive change in each of the athletes, not just in CrossFit, but in their lives as a whole.

Todd Ford

Lead Coach

Todd is one of the longest standing members of CrossFit Reaction and has a new appreciation for “functional fitness” as a dad.

As our weightlifting specialist, Todd loves examining the sport in detail and will work with athletes of all abilities– all he asks for is passion and pursuit!

Kaittlan Wilday

Lead Coach

Kaittlan holds several certifications in the training and fitness community; CF-L1, CF-L2, USAW L-1, CF Movement and Mobility, CF Gymnastics, ACSM-CPT. She utilizes this extensive background to provide members with a comprehensive experience as she helps them down their own personal journey in health and wellness.

Derek Foltz

Lead Coach

Derek began his CrossFit journey in September 2013 and quickly fell in love with the sport. As a collegiate athlete, he developed an appetite for athletic excellence, and CrossFit further intensified this desire. Through this sport, he discovered one of his ideals: there is always room for improvement, an opportunity to better one’s self. He became passionate about sharing this idea with others and obtained his Level 1 Certification in May 2017. His goal is to assist others with achieving their fitness goals and challenging themselves to accomplish more. 

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*We ask that you have previous CrossFit experience.

Our Mission

To Forge An Elite Community

Our goal at CrossFit Reaction is teach people from all walks of life safe and efficient human movement. Coaching is our number one service and we hope to give our clients the greatest return on their time spent in the gym-- all while having fun!

"Completed a drop in from out of town and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. The coaches were accommodating, approachable and motivating. The members were friendly and inviting. The facility boasts plenty of floor space and ample equipment for training. Overall, a phenomenal box!"

Greg G

Healthy Clients

A healthy community is part of our mission.

"Dropped in while I was visiting from out of town. Everyone was very friendly. Coaches were helpful and very inviting. Definitely would recommend to anyone traveling to Greenville and needing a place to drop in at."

Brittany Ward

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