Wednesday 1-10-17

CrossFit Reaction – CrossFit



A: Power Clean and Jerk (1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

1x Power Clean and Jerk
EMOM 7:00

1 Power Clean & Jerk, climbing in weight

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Rest until Minute 10:00, then complete

1:00 Max reps PC & Jerk at 80% of above weight


Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Every 3:00 for 12:00

4 Muscle Ups (4 C2B + 4 Ring Dips)

6 Power Cleans (155/115)

12 Burpee OTB
Rx + 185/135

Comp Training

Metcon (Time)

**If you are doing Competitor’s Training/Open Prep please see the whiteboard for your version of the today’s workout**

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

1A. 4×5 Good morning– go easy on this if you have not done it before

1B. 3×5 (each arm) TGU

1C. 3x30seconds ring plank hold

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